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Full Motion for Full Function

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Have you ever...

  • felt frustrated, or wasted time, waiting for your favorite machine at a gym?
  • felt annoyed exercising in a noisy, crowded gym?
  • felt uncomfortable or embarrassed by others watching you exercise, or feeling judged?
  • hesitated, or avoided, asking busy staff for help because you felt you were bothering them?
  • feared asking questions because they might sound trivial, or make you feel foolish?
  • had anyone say you're moody, cranky, less sociable or friendly, etc.?
  • quit for any of the reasons above, then felt guilty or frustrated for not exercising toward your goals or dreams, with time closing in on you?

The XLR8 Can Help

No Routines - No Learning Curve - No Need for a Personal Trainer.

You might be accepting as true what others have said, when it might actually be false. Such myths are often spread by folks who genuinely care about us — professionals, family, friends, and others. Some claims are true, but some are false. Challenging such statements can sometimes help folks to improve their conditions.

Some common myths or advice:

  • It's your age.
  • Accept it.
  • Live with it.
  • Medication can help. Side effects are just part of the package.
  • There's no remedy or relief for your condition.
  • Only surgery can help, but no guarantee.

Our clients have had results that have refuted such claims and advice.

XLR8 Key Benefits

You will not believe the results!

  • Customized personal training is your best investment of time and money to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time. Your performance is monitored to avoid plateaus and ensure progress toward desired results.
  • The XLR8 allows you to view your performance data as a live TV display. This allows you to challenge yourself and improve your own performance, instead of competing with others.
  • It is common for individuals to be unaware of the extent of their own stiffness, weakness, or other deficiency. The XLR8 can expose those areas, which could then be addressed.
  • Low impact exercise helps to prevent injuries.
  • Enjoy daily activities with increased joint movements and enhanced function.
  • The XLR8 can reduce pain and stress and increase confidence, thereby brightening your disposition and improving relationships.
  • You control the XLR8's speed and intensity, starting with whatever your condition allows and going at your own fast or slow pace, high or low resistance. When you reach a higher level — which you will, you'll want to raise the rate and intensity to achieve your desired results.

TRY the XLR8. It might be your solution. Healing in some chronic conditions may be hastened by adding another option initially, such as personal coaching, massage, and/or the iMRS system. As with any treatment, there is no guarantee. However, we believe you will find it worthwhile to let Darrel help you find your customized solution.

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